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  1. How do I find my way around this site and us it? – After you register on this site you can think about these various parts:
    1. The Business Directory module – Price starts at $9.99/month
    2. The Event Advertising module – Price is FREE!
    3. The Real Estate module -Price is yet to be determined. Projected to be $19.99/mo.
    4. The Jobs module -Price $9.99/mo
    5. Members module – Price is Free an included when you register
    6. Buy & Sell module -Price will be a flat fee per item.
    7. Forums module -Price is free with registration

1. Business Directory

The Online Business Directory is a subscription based monthly recurring billing services whereby you can advertise your business with EverythingAgricultural.com

2. Event Advertising

Event advertising is a “free” service to all registered members of EverythingAgricultural.com.  Registration is required and registration is free.

3. Real Estate

Real Estate listings of all types are a subscription based service with a recurring fee monthly.  The literal url for Real Estate is Re.EverythingAgricultural.com.

4. Jobs

Jobs is a paid for use subscription for employers and workers wanting to post job openings and posting resumes.

5. Members Directory

The Members directory consists of “all registered” members regardless of any paid subscription feature.  You do not have to subscribe to any paid service to be a member of EverythingAgricultural.com

6. Buy & Sell

The Buy & Sell is a paid service.  This area is under construction but will work very similar to Amazon or eBay in some respects.

7. Forums

Forums is available for “free” to any registered member of EverythingAgricultural.com

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