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Hi! My name is Steve Valencia. I am the web designer and owner of this site and I welcome you.  The idea that prompted me to build EverythingAgricultural.com was that of bartering, trade and eventually health & safety of the ag industry and the food we eat.  I am sure college classes, documentaries on Netflix about food and insurance training regarding agriculture all contributed to the thought process in development of EA.

About me...we will leave out all the trial, fires and tribulations I have been through.. Yes! I even have some country songs that I wrote about them but, we want to keep this all upbeat and happy so.. we will cut out most of "those years", and so...  I moved to Valley Springs California in 1984 to help my father open a business.  One of the businesses was a retail nursery and landscape company. My father purchased land there in 1960 in a community of Rancho Calaveras.  I seen these land lots as little Ranches where people were allowed to have some farm animals and use of the land.

Many residences would make comments about trying to start some type of Ag business.  Most of the comments criticized on how expensive it would be to "advertise." Most came to the conclusion that the cost of advertising out weighed the profit that could be had.  Even trying to barter or trade or donate would or could be cost prohibitive. And then, what about insurance?  Would the homeowners insurance company let them have a home business?

Today, with Everything Agricultural we hope to help promote all size agricultural operations from the small cottage industry to the huge commercial conglomerate through web site design, search engine optimization and social media.  "My Facebook page is listed here!"

You are welcome to register as a guest for free.  No charge, no fee and yes, registration is free.  So is the news letter sign up.

Now, in order to pay for the site we do need to generate some income.  Thus, we do ask a small monthly fee if you utilize the "directory" to promote your business.  We have a wide variety of listing such as Farm & Ranch, Events, Wineries and Vineyards, Cooperative & Exchanges, Auction Houses, Processing Plants, Feed & Supplies,  Equipment & Machinery, Bee Keepers, Ecology & Environment, Clubs & Organizations, Cannabis/Hemp Grower Operators,  Veterinarians, Dog Breeders, Other Merchants, Guilds & Outfitters, Import & Export Companies, Loggers & Timber Operators, County & State Farm Bureaus, Farm Services Companies, History Camps, Horse Trainers & Breeders, Farm Labor Contractors and more....  How's is that for a community of Agricultural people?

For the business directory the month subscription prices begin at $4.99/mo or $53.88 per year. And if you have multiple locations you can add them after the primary listing for just $2.49/mo or $26.94/yr.   And, you can test the listing for free  for 14 days.  If you do not like it, just cancel at anytime.

"Let's Grow it right!"

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