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Hi, my name is Steve Valencia.  I am the owner and founder of S Valencia International (founded 2010) and Athena Insurance and Financial Services (founded 1996) .  The reason as to why I started EverythingAgricultural.com is very simple.  I like helping the smaller businesses and financially challenged people and their families.  A hand up and paying it forward.  We accept the larger companies too.

BTW – I am the web designer too. “Insurance by Day! Web by Night!” lol at least until fishing season begins in the Spring.


In order to make changes, to influence and contribute I have decided to begin joining “groups” of other concerned citizens across the Nation. If you have any associations that you feel are worth joining please let me know. I can be reached using this contact for here. Click to contact

From the Rural Community I live in

I live and work in the rural Community of Pine Grove CA.  Since 1984 I have lived in Calaveras and Amador Counties.  These Counties offer a great deal for Farmers and Ranchers and the life style in the foothills is wonderful.  Over time I have grown to love the Country living and hope to myself have a small farm someday.  Or, maybe by a winery.

There is a great opportunity for the small farmers and ranchers to join EverythingAgricultural.com and have access to an online directory where people can market products and goods of any kind*.  Thus the name “Everything Agricultural. And the listings are not constrained to this local area.   I am designing the site to accommodate the Ag Peeps all across the United States.

At first I will starting out with the “Categories of Farms & Ranches” and then move onto working the Categories for Wineries and Vineyards.  All the the Primary Categories such as Farms & Ranches or Wineries and Vineyards will have options to select even further sub-categories.  For example, a listing my want to chose “Equine” as the type of Ranch they own.

For those of you that do not find “your” category please do not fret.  Just “ask and you will receive” as long as it abides by the terms of use of this site.  You can request to have a category by clicking on this link here: Add Category it’s Free.

In viewing Netflix Documentaries & Ecology Classes

Way.. way!!!! back in my good ole College days I really enjoyed the ecology classes.  It may have something to do with me being part Native American or maybe I believe that the Earth is something to cherish and respect.

Also, I like watching many of the documentaries on Netflix.  I makes me sad and angry to see huge Corporations producing chemicals that end of harming the environment and literally making people sick. Not cool.  “Lets’ grow it right!”

While providing Insurance services

I have a great number of Ag clients in my insurance agency of Athena Insurance and Financial Services and we are putting a great deal of energy to fine more insurance markets and build specialty farm insurance sites. Here are a few:

  1. CaliforniaFarmInsurance.com
  2. HorseIns.com
  3. USFarmInsurance.com
  4. AssociatedLoggers.com
  5. LoggersBroadForm.com

Let’s Grow it right! Education

We will adding an Education Type listing for all types of learning institutions too.  Have questions? Feel free to contact us soon.

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*According to Terms of Use