Let's Grow it right!

The Creator of the Earth has left us with the responsibility of protecting our planet, the seed and the people. It is both our ethical and moral responsibility so... " Let's Grow it right."

Conflict of Interest

Conflicts of Interest. What is a Conflict of Interest?




  • Who are the promoters?
  • Who gains financially?
  • Who is participating in the distribution?
  • Who is at risk of adverse health effects?
  • Boycott the Retails Store Fronts?
  • Are GMO’s affecting are health?
  • Should those hiding the truth about health affects be imprisoned and fined?
  • Is it time to make some political actions an act of treason regarding the promoting what they know to be harmful to the Citizens of the United States? Including going back in time and charging the same with a WAR like crime.
  • Are our politicians gaining financially by supporting GMO’s?
  • Are the Fair Political Practices strong enough and do they extend to family members such as children, spouses, Corporations?
  • Are they using a loop hole of owning Corporations to gain financially?
  • Should Corporations be gradually dissolved to Limited liability partnerships and the owners and promoters be known?
  • Should we do away with faceless Corporations?
  • Should we take a poll on how many Corporations, by name and ownership be known that have went bankrupt and left all holding the financial and health ruin due to chemical and genetic processes?
  • Should anyone Politician be allowed to move back and forth or own any type of interest in or receive any type of financial gain AND sit on a Government board that has oversight on our Agricultural Industry? Should they be charged with domestic war crimes?

This is a must watch!

Hello world!

Farmers Market

Welcome to EverythingAgricultural.com This is my first post on this site and I have chosen to chat about Farmers Markets. For anyone stopping by.. let me know about how you feel about Farmers Markets, roadside fruit and vegetable stands and having a cool place to post Times and Dates of when your local Farmers Markets will be taking place. If all goes well… we may be able to set the price point at about $3.99 per post period.  For example, in the town of Pine Grove we have a little Community Park. The locals take there goods there periodically but I never know for sure Who to call, When  it will be, or how long it lasts? With out Events Module they will be able to!

“Let’s Grow it Right!”

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