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Everything Agricultural Buddies

Why Everything Agricultural?  Because I want to find some sweet, vine ripened Tomatoes!  Seriously folks! My name is Steve, aka: Wolf, and I get sick and tired of having to purchase tomatoes that taste like plastic fruit and the supermarkets.  I live in the rural community of Amador and people up here have land and grow and raise fruits, nuts, vegetables, eggs, chickens, grass fed beef and more!

I, personally, would like to know how to find them.  Heck.. my next door neighbor has free range chickens and sells the eggs! I would never have found him in the yellow pages or a local new magazine. At least I would not have thought about it! FYI, my neighbors listing is “The Chocolate Chickent” check them out please.

It’s Economical

And another thing, the cost to advertise their product using traditional methods could just get out of control and make the profits or “care” to others too great. Not so with this site. The Month to month street price is under $7.00 per month.  Start and stop at any time.  So, what does this mean?  It means that if you wanted to begin you marketing in February and end in May, let’s see February, March, April and May months.. that would be 4 month x $6.99 = $27.96 invested!  Not bad right!

It’s Localized or Nationalized

The demographics of this site are targeted to locations in your area. Way back in time various farmers and ranchers would grow or raise certain items and trade, barter or purchase goods from their neighbors that had items they themselves did not grow or raise.  Have you ever grown a small veggie garden only to discover you could not consume all the produce or product? What happened to that product? Did you throw it away, drive miles to donate? Would it not be great to List  Your Farm’s crop or  product into and not let food go to waste?

For $2.99 per month (1 month minimum number required) you can advertise your goods on  See this demo listing here.  EA DEMO.

One Size Does not have to Fit All!