Please use this page and form for assistance.


  1. I have a listing, the category of which is not available. What can I do?
    1. Answer: Use the form below and request to have the listing category added. This will generally take place within 24 t0 48 hours. If this is an “urgent” matter please feel free to call 866 397-6939 and leave a message.  You may call 24/7/365.
  2. I have an “Event” and want to have it “Featured” so that it is “first” in event searches.  How can I do this?
    1. Answer: You cannot! You can pay for a featured event listing and it will be visible with other “Featured” Event listings in front of free listings but we cannot guarantee your Featured Event listing will be in first position.
    2. If you have an event that is very important “and” you have a budget to work with consider an Advertising Banner.  Let’s see. I will create an Event Category DEMO EVENT and display what the Event looks like both as a “Featured Event” and with an “Advertising Banner.”



  • ASs US TO ADD A CATETORY it's free!