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Hello there. Steve here. I am the site administrator and welcome you to join in on any topic agriculturally related... politically motivated or not.

I have been working on for a few years off-and_on in my spare time. I believe this will become a "kind of..facebook of Agtriculture" in a sense that this site has similar feature except we are focused on Ag.

For example; in the "members area" you can click on a member's profile and see a great deal about them such as the biography, friends, posts, videos, image gallery and more.

Also, you can post events for you, friends or others to see for free. You can add videos and photos too. What is even more impressive is that if you pay for a farm or business listing the events "attach" to your business listing for you client and prospects to see.

So if you are having an event share with folks on your listing. Oh, and you listing has an import feature too! So, if you already have a Facebook page, you can import most of the information. Just be sure to double-check the "location" because if the event is at a different location that your facebook page location there could be a great deal of disappointed people arriving at a location where the event is not! That would not be a good thing.

Ok, so there is more. We will be importing data feeds from a lot of places like the USDA and others places.

We are not done yet. There will be a jobs board also.

Check us out and drop us a message. And most of all.. tell a friend.

Kind regards,